Post-black/shoegaze | Established 2016 | CZ | Facebook

If you are following the unorthodox vistas of the Czech metal scene, you surely have come across DÆRRWIN already, as this agile band has been on a steady rise since its inception three years ago. Beside their acclaimed debut "Uv'Derekh", these gentlemen are on a continuous streak of live shows both at home and abroad (including Netherlands, France or Hungary). Apart from the usual band-related activities, DÆRRWIN are also known for their strong involvement in the protection of life in all its shapes and forms. In fact, it is this subject matter they dedicated their debut to. On MGCDF 2019 you will thus have a chance not only to enjoy a state-of-the-art post-black made in Czech Republic, but also to ponder the "Quo vadis" question.