Dear friends, what do we have here this time? The main focus goes to the Swedish band GRAVE, a member of the big four of Swedish death metal! Next up is the German band REVEL IN FLESH, co-founder of the new wave of German death metal. And two Czech bands - SEARCH AND DESTROY (detahcore) and PANICHYDA (formerly pagan, now blackened heavy metal). Devilishly strong four!

Dear friends, here we have the third batch of confirmed bands. There are only four, but three of them are premieres! Our masters of metal Bohemyst, Slovakian Minor and Belgian crushers Aborted will arrive. The quartet is complemented by Melancholy Pessimism, who already know it well at our / your metal party. Go for it!

Dear friends, here we have the second batch of confirmed bands for the upcoming fourteenth year of our/your home metal festival. This time we have a really strong five stars of Czech stages. Although you know them all well, check it out!

Dear friends, if you have been following the festival channels last week, you surely noticed the first batch of bands confirmed for the upcoming 14th installment of our/your Czech metal fest. The next batch of confirmed bands is coming up next weekend, but before that happens, we are presenting you a first aftermovie from this year's installment.

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