Dear friends, we are back with another batch of bands confirmed for the upcoming 13th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. This week is about four names from the local scene and certainly the alternative metal spectrum music-wise. Please welcome:


Hailing from Brno, PLAGUE CALLED HUMANITY label themselves as cyberpunk. What does it mean music-wise? A lot of electronics, lot of filth and fury. Simply, a mix that can really get the festival atmosphere going. In case you have not yet had the pleasure, check this band, which by the way performed on such acclaimed festivals as Junktown or Schattenwelt, out, for example their 2019 EP Disconnection, and then onwards to the moshpit!


An uncompromising mayhem that you will either immediately fall in love with, or… Nope, there is no “or”, no alternative! NO FACE NO CASE will kick you in the head, sear into your brain and scream into your face that they are not messing around and that their ambitions are pretty high. You can check out their beatdown in successful music videos, but even greater madness is to see these maniacs live. A great way to spice the festival up!


The Prague-based TOOTHWALKER are currently showcasing their new single Reboot, Reinvent and you can look forward to their atmospheric music also live on MGCDF 2022. While these guys have been on the scene for only a short while, they, in our opinion, have a bright future ahead. Their instrumental post-rock has the right dose of emotions, is modern, dreamy and at the same time not afraid to get heavy!


Once, TRANSLUNARIA were the heralds of Czech progressive death metal. Then, however, they went to hiatus and for a long time it seemed there was no coming back. Fortunately, the opposite turned out to be the case! After ten years, TRANSLUNARIA are back and we are delighted to welcome them on MGCDF 2022. So, if you fancy elaborate extreme metal, you better not miss this comeback!

Enjoy and more bands again soon!

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