Currently, it is one of the most interesting acts you can ask for from the Nordic dark scene.With thirty years of active, nefarious service under their bulletbelts, NECROPHOBIC are undisputed legends of the death-black metal underground. Formed in 1989 by drummer Joakim Sterner, the Stockholm blackhearts propagated a singular and fearless vision from the very start, confirming their prowess with the now legendary debut album The Nocturnal Silence in 1993. Don't miss their first performance at our festival. It's gonna be hell!


A veritable treasure trove of Swedish black/death royalty, In Aphelion originally formed in 2020 by longtime NECROPHOBIC guitarist Sebastian Ramstedt on vocals, guitar, and bass with prolific drummer Marco Prij. In 2021, with the advent of their debut demo, fellow Necrophobic guitarist Johan Bergebäck joined, making the unholy trinity complete. An impossibly auspicious first start, In Aphelion's first demo landed the band a deal with Edged Circle, first resulting in the teaser-length EP Luciferian Age and now a grandiose hour-long debut album, Moribund. 


One of the most famous and active groups in South America. These Chileans will crush you to pieces with their music, which is a mixture of thrash and death metal with occasional elements of punk. This is their second performance at our festival.


FLESHCRAWL is a highly recognized German band founded in 1987 playing old school death metal inspired by the Swedish HM-2 sound of guitars and has played countless festivals and concert tours.


One of the longest-running Austrian bands and one of the best bands that the Austrian extreme scene can offer.


Enjoy a more bands soon!

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