ATROCITY, one of the most successful metal bands from Germany, was formed in 1985 and is known as one of the most experimental and varied bands in the history of metal and as the pioneers of German death metal. ATROCITY already played on 5 continents, over 50 countries, played hundreds of gigs and had appearances on numerous well-known festivals and headliner shows at Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, With Full Force, 70.000 Tons Of Metal and many more. The monster album "OKKULT III" marks the grand final of the “OKKULT” album trilogy of the German death metal flagship ATROCITY and will be released in January 2023!


The Ostrava stalwart NAHUM are active on the metal scene for almost 20 years. During this period they have released three albums and one demo. The band is currently working on new material. With their new work, they follows up on the very successful last album "Within Destruction" from 2019. NAHUM's music reflects elements of death and thrash metal with a fine admixture of black atmosphere. NAHUM have never stuck to a purely sharp style, rather it is an animal, energetic and massive metal charge. The designation NAHUM metal massacre is quite appropriate here.


ROTTENNESS is a brutal death metal band hailing from Merida, Mexico and the midwestern United States. Guitarist Jaleel Castillo founded the band in the late 90’s and immediately hit the road touring Mexico, the United States, Europe and South America—playing hundreds of shows in dozens of countries, including festival performances at Obscene Extreme, Meh Suff, Bogota Deathfest, Chicago Domination Fest and Maryland Deathfes. Currently ROTTENNESS has signed with SELFMADEGOD RECORDS (Poland) and released their newest LP, ‘Violentopia’ (2022), featuring a whole new 5-piece lineup alongside guest performances by members of Cephalic Carnage, Pig Destroyer, Unidad Trauma and Abysmal Dawn, mixed by Rob Caldwell (Cannibal Corpse, Municipal Waste, Devourment) and Davide Billia (Hour of Penance).


THE LAST BAD DAY - over the hill, a very promising band of barely twenty-year-olds appeared, so it's good to give them a chance to become visible. The boys have been involved in alternative hardcore since they were sixteen years old, which could be categorized as "Altcore". Diversity is inherent to our festival, so we very much welcome a little relief from extreme metal waters and we strongly believe that their presentation of music, mixing old school hard rock with modern elements of hardcore, will find an audience both young and old. Fingers crossed guys.


VANGUARD – The band from the Moravian capital, starting in 2015, oscillates in various ways around modern death metal with many genre overlaps. The guys had several club and festival performances both in the Czech Republic and abroad, including two tours in Poland and Slovakia. As part of their energetic performance, they will present new songs from their third full-length album “III” such as the music video "Purgatorial Abbatoir" or the single "Surfacing Tension".


Enjoy a more bands soon!

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