Old school death metal | Established 2006 | DE | Facebook

There is a saying to seek a woman behind everything, which seems to apply even to death metal bands, as proven by the German outfit SABIENDAS, which is the brainchild of the guitarist Alexandra Rutkowski. And from the onset in 2006, her vision has been clear – to play solid old school death metal in the vein of the U.S. scene of the 90s. No redundancies, simply a straightforward direction both musically and lyrically, to be found manifested on the trifecta of their full-lengths “Restored to Life” (2013), “Column of Skulls” (2015) and „Repulsive Transgression“. The might of SABIENDAS comes on one hand from a strong lineup which includes the drummer of the iconic Sodom, and on the other hand from their live shows, which have incredible drive. The band proudly claims that they can move even the most rigid of audiences. And if you visited MGCDF 2013, you surely saw that for yourself. Next time, it is round two time and certainly yet another mighty moshpit is to be unleashed.